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Here you can shop to find all the best calf roping products I recommend for you to buy. I make a small commission from each Amazon sale, so please remember to follow the links from this page :)

Calf Roping Tools (Saddles, Ropes etc.)

Mo'Betta Calf Roping DVD's
Mo'betta has become Apache Oklahoma's Calf roping event of the year. This roping has fast, exciting and amazing runs from some of the biggest names in calf roping. After 3 full rounds the ropers advance to the short go.

Cody Ohl - Calf Roping Techniques
Cody shows you his techniques in an easy to follow concept. This video features the record setting 7.3 second run at the '96 NFR. A very useful video for beginners as well as advanced ropers. 60 mins.

Drive of a champion
He’s a champion, in life and in rodeo. This is not a training video and it is definitely not just for calf ropers. This film is for anyone with a dream and everyone with a purpose. Even if you don’t rope or even own a horse, prepare to be inspired by Joe’s accomplishments. This is the story of the life of Joe Beaver, teacher, father, son and…

8-Time World Champion

Single Steer Roping DVD's
Single steer roping is one of rodeo's original events and there's several different ones from different years at different arenas.
$7.95 or $29.95

Calf Roping with Joe Beaver
Joe is a world champion and a teacher of winning techniques. With this video you’ll learn how to practice for your horse and for yourself, about equipment and how to make your ties accurate and fast. You’ll see dozens of Joe’s runs and each time he explains the game plan: scoring, handling the slack, approaching and blocking, flanking and tying. The horse and the calf dictate adjustments and Joe simplifies it all for you. Lots of valuable information for either calf roper or calf roping fan. About 80 minutes.

Marana Calf Roping
After the lights go out on the Tucson Rodeo that’s when the real fun begins! The top 50 calf ropers in the world pull their trailers up the road to the Burrell’s arena in Marana, AZ. They start just before sundown and continue on into the night with this two round and a short extravaganza. Kyle Flake called it, “The most exciting calf roping I’ve seen all year!” With a great location, solid cattle, and the toughest ropers ever, we’ve got the right combination for one of the best events of the season at the Annual Marana Calf Roping!



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