Calf Roping 101 is a short five minute flash video designed and narrated by William MacLeod. This video covers all the basics of calf roping history and is a entertaining watch filled with pictures and videos with some of the top best ropers on earth.

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Calf Roping History Resources
Calf Roping
This is from Wikipedia talking all about how calf roping came from ranch work and into a rodeo event.
Rodeo History
Learn about the history of rodeo through the early years of its development.
How Calf Roping Works
For those who are new to calf roping, here's how calf roping works.
Calf Roping History

This is kind of showing a lot of some of the past champions who won with also average times of all calves roped and tied in under seconds.
Calf Roping
Goals, rules, history, equipment, safety, training and terminology.




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